About Us

Our mission “We partner with our global customers by crafting quality ‘technovative’ solutions which add value and facilitate their success.”​ zCon’s expertise in Product Life-Cycle development has given us the opportunity to work with more than 130 global customers to date. Our team is a 105+ strong and growing multi-fold on a YoY basis. zCon’s revenue growth is constantly above market averages for the Indian IT SME Sector. Clients rely on our expertise for tailored product development in accordance with their business needs as well as to achieve better time-to-market and ROI on new launches, and cost optimization with ongoing maintenance and enhancements. We help customers end -to-end: right from product conceptualization to release, to creating a commercial proposition tailored to the target market.

Service Offerings:

  • Outsourced Product/ Custom Development on Cloud
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Oracle Consulting Services (Forms/Reports/APEX/Oracle Cloud)
  • Enterprise IT Integration
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Automated Testing
  • Chatbot Framework
  • Dedicated Offshore/ Remote Development Center


Application Domains:

  • Healthcare IT
  • IT in Manufacturing
  • IT in BFSI
  • Logistics IT and IT in Supply Chain Optimization
  • IT in Sports, Hospitality


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility into all aspect of product development
  • Reduce cost of product development
  • Shorten Development Cycles
  • Faster rollout of software product/releases
  • Low total cost of ownership & faster ROI
  • Improve Quality, Achieve better design practices


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