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Let’s Talk About Serverless Microservices

"No server is easier to manage than no server," reads a headline from AWS re:Invent, and rightly so. Going serverless is ideal to reduce costs and operational complexity. Most companies are implementing serverless architectures to ensure better scalability, agility, and performance.   As it stands, the top contenders for high-performing enterprise solutions are microservices and serverless. Although… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Serverless Microservices


Cloud-Native Apps – The What and Why

Proliferating customer base, growing web traffic, and rising transactions — a dream come true for businesses. However, it requires an avalanche of resources and stupendous IT teams to deliver. After all, rapid change has become a necessity for keeping the business afloat in the era of instant gratification. That's precisely where cloud-native apps come in.… Continue reading Cloud-Native Apps – The What and Why