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Let’s Talk About Serverless Microservices

"No server is easier to manage than no server," reads a headline from AWS re:Invent, and rightly so. Going serverless is ideal to reduce costs and operational complexity. Most companies are implementing serverless architectures to ensure better scalability, agility, and performance.   As it stands, the top contenders for high-performing enterprise solutions are microservices and serverless. Although… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Serverless Microservices

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DevOps Vs. AgileOps – What Do You Really Need?

In recent years, many companies have successfully implemented DevOps in their business operations. Effectively, companies can no longer ignore DevOps benefits like faster product deliveries, customer satisfaction, and application quality.  In 2022, the latest DevOps trends like GitOps, AIOps, and DevSecOps can transform the software development industry. Short for Agile Operations, AgileOps is another promising… Continue reading DevOps Vs. AgileOps – What Do You Really Need?

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Microservices Using Azure Serverless Architecture – All You Need to Know

According to research, the global market size for microservices architecture will be worth over $8 billion by 2026. With digital being a mainstay revenue channel for businesses of all sizes, more leaders are getting acquainted with the benefits of leveraging a microservice architecture for their core enterprise applications that are also cloud-native.  The benefits of targeted scalability, resilience… Continue reading Microservices Using Azure Serverless Architecture – All You Need to Know

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Going Serverless with Azure – The Many Benefits

The new era of serverless computing is making the traditional approach of building and deploying web applications seem outdated. Major cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are pushing their serverless computing services forward owing to their many business benefits.  In their The State of Serverless report of 2022, Datadog describes how serverless has become… Continue reading Going Serverless with Azure – The Many Benefits


Is DevOps Not Working for You? Here Are the Possible Reasons

Every IT enterprise wants to optimize software delivery and improve the end-user experience. Favorably, DevOps is seen by enterprises as the key to these goals, and understandably so. After all: The organizations with a DevOps culture have experienced deployment 46x faster.The teams have had to spend 50 percent less time redressing security concerns.The time to restore services has… Continue reading Is DevOps Not Working for You? Here Are the Possible Reasons


Cloud-Native Apps – The What and Why

Proliferating customer base, growing web traffic, and rising transactions — a dream come true for businesses. However, it requires an avalanche of resources and stupendous IT teams to deliver. After all, rapid change has become a necessity for keeping the business afloat in the era of instant gratification. That's precisely where cloud-native apps come in.… Continue reading Cloud-Native Apps – The What and Why

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Are These Challenges Holding You Back from Adopting Microservices?

A 2021 survey by IBM outlines how microservices are sufficing several use-cases for organizations worldwide. More than 45% of the IT executives affirmed the benefits microservices accrue in data analytics and business intelligence. Another 41% mentioned success with database applications. Customer relationship management and finance weren't far behind either, with 38% and 34% of the respondents emphasizing these… Continue reading Are These Challenges Holding You Back from Adopting Microservices?

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Event-driven architecture (EDA)

Event-driven architecture (EDA) The Agile methodology defines and focuses on self-organising teams. With Agile development, we focus on people and collaboration. As we progress in product development, we pull and release team members as and when required. It ensures that no fixed and contemplated approach needs to be followed blindly. Extending the agility to technology architecture… Continue reading Event-driven architecture (EDA)

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Modern Chatbots with Rocketchat

As per a Business Insider report, consumer retail spends via chatbots worldwide will reach $142 billion by 2024, —up from just $2.8 billion in 2019. Besides retail, digital consumers are demanding around-the-clock service for assistance in areas ranging from banking and finance to health and wellness. Because of this demand, chatbots are increasing in popularity… Continue reading Modern Chatbots with Rocketchat

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Wireframe and the need for MVP

Most of the times, as a start-up, we suggest that our clients build the first product milestone as an MVP — which is now an accepted way for all start-ups and entrepreneurs to have lean development with more focus on end-user feedback. This method works very well because there is no point in going all-in… Continue reading Wireframe and the need for MVP