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The Power of Integration on Microsoft Power Platform

In 2020, Microsoft reported that 97% of Fortune 500 companies had been using the Power Platform. That bodes well when you consider the prominence of low-code, no-code tools in recent times and the business value they can potentially create. To that end, Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of low-code tools that enable users to easily create… Continue reading The Power of Integration on Microsoft Power Platform

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Wireframe and the need for MVP

Most of the times, as a start-up, we suggest that our clients build the first product milestone as an MVP — which is now an accepted way for all start-ups and entrepreneurs to have lean development with more focus on end-user feedback. This method works very well because there is no point in going all-in… Continue reading Wireframe and the need for MVP

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WebRTC, a powerful tool for building communication solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly everyone’s way of life, irrespective of their age. Connection with family and peers brings fundamental psychological and social benefits to everyone. The loss of in-person social interactions caused by the lockdown, school closures, and social distancing during COVID-19 has strained these developmental processes. Whether it’s work, school, education, or… Continue reading WebRTC, a powerful tool for building communication solutions

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Impact of COVID-19 on Product Engineering

Technology product companies have cut their spending due to market changes in 2020. The challenges caused by COVID-19 made them realign their product engineering and outsourcing strategies in 2021. Because of this, product engineering service providers built engagement and pricing models according to new expectations from technology product companies. Now, the economy and the market… Continue reading Impact of COVID-19 on Product Engineering

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“Outsourcing to Extended Team” – Change in Mindset

Many ISV and Technology Organizations has first-hand experience in tasting the success of Work from Anywhere successfully. Its time to explore as Strategy to get long terms benefits and returns. The mindset has changes from “Low Cost Transaction Center” to “Productive and Collaborative Innovation Center”

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Scaling of a Startup – pacing, and perseverance

Once a startup validates the market with an MVP (minimum viable product), new challenges are bound to arise when they look at growth and scaling. After initial customers are onboarded, the startup does not just need to build trust with them; they also need to develop new features and enhance their technological offering to maintain and grow engagement with existing customers as well as attract new ones.

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Go To Market – Lean Startup and MVP

Launching a digital business? don’t spend years "preparing" only to enter into the market too late. If you’re too slow or don’t speed up your MVP development you’ll only reach a few people and fail to gain initial traction. Yes, there are chances that someone else might show up first, grab the market's attention and traction


Exploring a Prototype for Super Connected Customers

Innovators want to bring their ideas to market very quickly. They want to fail fast and iterate, using customer feedback. If their prototype is successful, they need to scale fast too. How can they make this process less risky, especially in a hyper-connected world? Whether your new business is based on your website or an… Continue reading Exploring a Prototype for Super Connected Customers