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HealthTech during COVID19

Photo by cottonbro on Communication and continuous engagement have become increasingly important during the pandemic. They will continue to play an important role in the post-pandemic era. While the pandemic has been a systemic shock for everyone, it has made the private sector, governments, and individuals take healthcare seriously. Inefficiencies in the healthcare system… Continue reading HealthTech during COVID19

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“Outsourcing to Extended Team” – Change in Mindset Many ISV and Technology Organizations has first-hand experience in tasting the success of Work from Anywhere successfully. Its time to explore as Strategy to get long terms benefits and returns. Following are the objectives ISV and Technology companies are looking for Leveraging the new Normal of Work from Anywhere (WFA) as long-term strategyExploring partners… Continue reading “Outsourcing to Extended Team” – Change in Mindset

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Scaling of a Startup – Process, HR, and Engagement

Once a startup validates the market with an MVP (minimum viable product), new challenges are bound to arise when they look at growth and scaling. After initial customers are onboarded, the startup does not just need to build trust with them; they also need to develop new features and enhance their technological offering to maintain and grow engagement with existing customers as well as attract new ones.

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Go To Market – Lean Startup and MVP

Launching a digital business? don’t spend years "preparing" only to enter into the market too late. If you’re too slow or don’t speed up your MVP development you’ll only reach a few people and fail to gain initial traction. Yes, there are chances that someone else might show up first, grab the market's attention and traction


Exploring a Prototype for Super Connected Customers

Innovators want to bring their ideas to market very quickly. They want to fail fast and iterate, using customer feedback. If their prototype is successful, they need to scale fast too. How can they make this process less risky, especially in a hyper-connected world? Whether your new business is based on your website or an… Continue reading Exploring a Prototype for Super Connected Customers