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Go To Market – Lean Startup and MVP

Startups focusing on lean, quick MVP development for market validation have always faced the challenge of getting a good technology partner. Many technology vendors are focused on delivering what the client has asked for. What a startup need is someone who can stand with them and take ownership. When we talk about ownership, risk identification, risk sharing, and risk mitigation, plans need to be communicated transparently with the startups and entrepreneurs. This allows startups to work cohesively with technology partners.

Ideally what a technology partner should do –

  1. Understand the objective and vision of the entrepreneurs
  2. Ask more questions to get clarity
  3. Share wisdom and knowledge gained with their experience
  4. Propose ideas on the table for discussion and consideration
  5. Help the entrepreneurs make the right decisions and stand with them firmly
  6. Provide technology options considering the cost of development, security, scalability, and cost of operations
  7. Provide references of success stories and case studies with lessons learned
  8. Provide experience rather than documents by creating visual POCs
  9. Be flexible in development to ensure the required business agility to the startups
  10. Learn together from failures and celebrate the success

Today we will be sharing one of our experiences with a startup here.

Loan Processing Web Application

About Client: A US based public organization, playing an intermediary role between Borrower, Lender, and Warranty Provider.

Client Situation: The client was already working with another vendor in the USA but without any tangible results for product migration from ‘on-premise’ to ‘Cloud’ deployment. The vendor approached zCon with a challenge to deliver the new product within a tight schedule aimed at faster Go To Market. The requirement was to develop a software product, for Loan Processing in the US, supporting the US government initiative for Small Business. Before initiating the engagement with zCon, the client had more than 35 customer implementations across the USA.

The Solution that we worked on with the Client: 

zCon not only delivered the product within the tight schedule but also facilitated data reconciliation and migration for all 45+ customers of the client to migrate products from ‘on-premises’ to ‘Cloud’.

SQL Server Reporting Services facilitates creating several management reports. Predefined reports with some parameters (.rdl) were uploaded over-reporting server. Additionally, a custom report generator was created where users could design their reports and export them in .pdf and .xls form. The users still have the flexibility to create and modify the reports according to their parameters and conditions. The application makes it easier for the operation. It spares all concerned with a lot of paperwork and accelerates the formalities. Everything is centralized in the web application.

The following components were developed as a part of the solution:

  • Document development and modification
  • Report development and modification
  • Compatibility changes for LMS
  • SLPC Document Speed Up and View Optimization
  • New Blank Conversion – PPRD
  • ZIP Code Standardization
  • Client Credit Memo code and View Optimization
  • Import Loan Colson Balance Information – Procedure Optimization

Achievement zCon Celebrated with Client

zCon has created a successful turnaround for the Client and helped the Client grow its business to 50+ customers. zCon has been supporting this client for 6 years and is currently migrating the product to the state of the art technology.

Technology We used:

Languages.Net (Framework 4.5.2, MVC 5, HTML 5, JavaScript, Kendo, Bootstrap, Razor
DatabaseMS SQL server 2014, Telerik Data Access, LINQ, SQL, SSRS Reports
Third Party ControlsClien Service  Integration(Document  Management  &  Balance  sheet  management), Aspose7.0(Document  Management),  QuikTrak  service(Site  Visit  Management), EasyQuery (Custom Reports)
Other ToolsAxosoftOnTime Bug tracker, Git Hub, VS 2013 Professional, Team City(Build Server)

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