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“Outsourcing to Extended Team” – Change in Mindset

Many ISV and Technology Organizations has first-hand experience in tasting the success of Work from Anywhere successfully. Its time to explore as Strategy to get long terms benefits and returns. Following are the objectives ISV and Technology companies are looking for

  1. Leveraging the new Normal of Work from Anywhere (WFA) as long-term strategy
  2. Exploring partners for cost effective and quality solutions
  3. Exploring alternative talent pools – technology, expertise and experience
  4. Enabling scalability with flexibility & control
  5. Enhancing operational efficiency in terms of cost per FTE, TCO, productivity, availability of talent etc.

The mindset has changes from “Low Cost Transaction Center” to “Productive and Collaborative Innovation Center”

What has changed in India as captive center destination for many Startups and SMEs. Here are top three changes we have seen in last decade.

  1. Expanded Scope – Geography, Technology and Startup mindset.

India has seen growth of IT Talent and Hubs from metro cities to Tier II and Tier III cities. Strong education ecosystem has provided talent across India. With growing domestic startups, their success has given much needed experience across talent to Indian Leaders, Managers as well technology SMEs

  • Readiness of Indian Companies to contribute at equal

Indian IT leaders has started moving from Services to Innovation. This brought many changes including mindset, culture, tools, frameworks and practices. Many Indian companies has acquired

  • Immense Talent availability

As Young nation, India has smart youth with learning eager and ability. Indian youth have started experimenting and experiencing.


  1. Experience, Expertise, Technology, Delivery & Processes as single window solution
  2. Variety of models – Extended Delivery Center, Joint Venture (JV), Subsidary, Build-Operate- Transfer (BOT)
  3. Shared Services & Compliance
  4. Converting Capex Cost(Fixed) to Opex (Variable)
  5. Enhance Performance and Efficiency as compared to cost & investment
  6. Improve competitive advantage with lower TCO, Improved Flexibility and Delivery
  7. Improve in savings and cash
  8. Reduce risk related to colocation by risk distribution and sharing with partner

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