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Business Partnership for Rapid Innovation

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“A Poor Onboarding experience is hard to come back from and is the fastest way to lose a customer “- Paul Philp

At zCon we understand the importance of a seamless and noiseless onboarding. This process is broadly divided into five steps which ensures that the client can define, design and work on achieving their goals and successfully launch their business.

How do we at zCon achieve a smooth onboarding using the following steps –

  • Preparation – It is crucial to do pre-work before diving into the project straight away. Preparation is the most important as most of the initial information gathering related to the technology and the expected database, architecture and coding practices are noted. This knowledge will be imperative in taking further decisions which will ensure a smooth ride for the customer. All the necessary documents are signed off at this stage as well.
  • Kickoff – In this phase, MEAN stack team is allocated who work on the setup of the environment locally, understand the production deployment process and onboard the resources. The reusable components are explored, and the development processes are set in place.
  • Collaboration – Once the processes are set, it is quite important to maintain the constant stream of communication by setting up the governance structures and sprint plans. Weekly status calls are conducted, and feedback implemented. The call notes are maintained for visibility on both ends.
  • Stabilization – We at zCon believe that it is important to get the onboarding process to be steady state is quintessential for the progress further. We achieve this by constantly checking milestones, and conducting reviews with internal teams, tracking of the progress plays an important role here.
  • Optimization – Identifying scope of improvement, scheduling trainings, inculcating new ideas is the major focus for zCon in this phase of onboarding. Integrating and testing is also done as pert of the scale up process.

zCon implements the Agile Development methodology to facilitate the internal and external stake holders to have complete visibility in the onboarding process and timely health check and quality checks can be made as per each milestone to make sure that there are no surprises at the end of the onboarding. Reach out to us at to get more information.

With growing need of business agility and operational resilience becoming critical post-pandemic, companies are increasingly looking to reduce risk & increasing flexibility through partnering.

What partnership brings a value on the table:

  1. Agility in controlling cost
  2. Digital Technology Stack
  3. Scaleup & Scale-down Flexibility
  4. New Capabilities and business opportunities
  5. Fresh & Out of Box Thinking

Some of the potential outsourcing partnership businesses are looking at –

  • Payroll, HR functions and accounting
  • Bookkeeping, tax return processing, auditing and year-end financial reporting
  • IT Services and Support
  • Marketing

We at zCon have experience in creating process for a newly outsourced client based on time zone changes, learning from each step and optimizing according to the clients needs. The client can have flexibility to choose the team that they are comfortable with and based on their business needs what makes more sense.

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