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Demand of CPass & Twilio

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding need for social distancing, we have seen the adoption of many digital tools. The new normal consists of work-from-home (WFH), remote work, cloud infrastructure, virtual conferencing, online education, telemedicine, and digital sales.

The education industry has also started adapting to the new normal. As more and more students are pushed to learn from home because of the pandemic, schools have been investing in new tools enabling the expansion of their ability to deliver remote learning. A strengthening exit market and a market shift towards EdTech services have led to a change in digital investment in the sector.

With online sessions, there is a surge in demand for video sessions and mass communication tools. Off-the-shelf products can be used which serve to provide for a quick start. They can be purchased from different OEMs or vendors, but they work in isolation. They may present a challenge for effective integration which requires additional effort and money.

A better option is now present for the industry, which helps to build custom, integrated solutions with help from ready-made platforms like Twilio. Twilio is one of the most promising company offerings among the various products of choice for communication solutions. The core part of the communication solution is taken care of by a cloud-based platform which can be quickly integrated with existing systems to customise them and make them more relevant. The pricing is also attractive for volume businesses:

A few of the commonly used products are:

  • Messaging – Text, WhatsApp, and chat

Use of product and APIs: Notifications, mass alerts, marketing messages, conversation through chat, and one-time password verification

  • Voice calls – Make, receive, and monitor calls

Use of product and APIs: Improving quality of voice media stream, analysing call quality and performance, and building conversational IVR

  • Real-time video calls – Future remote engagement with WebRTC

Use of product and APIs: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) rooms/video calls, group rooms/video calls, media control, screen sharing, recording

  • Emails – Send, receive, and manage emails

Use of product and APIs: Bulk, personalised emails, scheduling, marketing and informational emails, automation for continuous communication

  • WhatsApp – Messaging API supported by WhatsApp

How Twilio has made an impact:

Here is how EdTech can leverage Twilio:

Business Need/Use CaseSolution
Online ClassesTwilio Video API
Audio Conference/Feedback/ Oral AssessmentsTwilio Audio API
Mass Communication, Notifications, Announcements, Attendance AlertsTwilio Messaging – Text, WhatsApp
Enrollment , Mundane Business Process AutomationAI Chatbot
Notifications, Announcements, AlertsTwilio Email API

zCon can help to provide you with a quick start, with POC, testing, and scaling as per your need with the help of a language like .Net, Full Stack, MEAN Stack, and Opensource.

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