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Grow and Scale with Remote Teams

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of life. The technology and services industry is no exception to this. The way we work in IT & services has undergone a sea change. ‘Remote work’ is a common phrase now, and indeed essential, transitioning to a ‘must-have’ from a ‘nice-to-have’. This change has left a lot of us scrambling to find the right solution, a change that is likely to leave a long-lasting impact on the way we work.

When we talk about remote work, there are two distinct options to discuss. One is a work-from-home approach, and the other is the captive center approach. In this article, we will discuss how the captive center approach works and what we as zCon can provide in that approach.

zCon has been providing a Managed Captive Center service to customers around the world since 2000. Through this service, we have enabled 100% remote operations for more than 100 customers, bringing that expertise into the COVID-19 era of remote work.

At zCon, we provide a plug and play platform, which includes payroll, infrastructure, and admin services that can be up and running within a short period. These services are customizable and are bundled as a white-labelled package. Apart from providing a secure physical infrastructure, we also help to provide the required IT infrastructure to our customers.

There are multiple benefits to using a Managed Captive Center service from zCon, which include increased resource capacity, lowered costs, risk mitigation with respect to work culture, and access to the experienced talent pool at zCon. Our robust HR processes ensure an accelerated ramp-up when it is required.

Through our years of experience providing remote support to customers, we have developed an understanding of the practices that facilitate this system and have been working to bring in the same technological expertise into a COVID-19 scenario. Some elements that we have been working on to support this are cloud and serverless architecture, monitoring tools and solutions, increased cybersecurity, digital assistants and bots, process automation, health and contact tracing solutions, and touchless interfaces.

As the world slowly comes to grips with what is likely to be the new normal mode of operations, remote work is likely to gain more and more importance. zCon is confident and competent to supply its expertise and experience in this area to ensure a seamless transition for you into this mode. If you are looking to know more about how a Managed Captive Center can benefit you, please write to We are happy to assist and address any queries you have.

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