Is DevOps Not Working for You? Here Are the Possible Reasons

Every IT enterprise wants to optimize software delivery and improve the end-user experience. Favorably, DevOps is seen by enterprises as the key to these goals, and understandably so. After all: The organizations with a DevOps culture have experienced deployment 46x faster.The teams have had to spend 50 percent less time redressing security concerns.The time to restore services has… Continue reading Is DevOps Not Working for You? Here Are the Possible Reasons


Cloud-Native Apps – The What and Why

Proliferating customer base, growing web traffic, and rising transactions — a dream come true for businesses. However, it requires an avalanche of resources and stupendous IT teams to deliver. After all, rapid change has become a necessity for keeping the business afloat in the era of instant gratification. That's precisely where cloud-native apps come in.… Continue reading Cloud-Native Apps – The What and Why

Cloud Strategy

Are These Challenges Holding You Back from Adopting Microservices?

A 2021 survey by IBM outlines how microservices are sufficing several use-cases for organizations worldwide. More than 45% of the IT executives affirmed the benefits microservices accrue in data analytics and business intelligence. Another 41% mentioned success with database applications. Customer relationship management and finance weren't far behind either, with 38% and 34% of the respondents emphasizing these… Continue reading Are These Challenges Holding You Back from Adopting Microservices?

software architecture

Event-driven architecture (EDA)

Event-driven architecture (EDA) The Agile methodology defines and focuses on self-organising teams. With Agile development, we focus on people and collaboration. As we progress in product development, we pull and release team members as and when required. It ensures that no fixed and contemplated approach needs to be followed blindly. Extending the agility to technology architecture… Continue reading Event-driven architecture (EDA)

Payment Gateway

Receiving Payments using Stripe

Every successful online business requires one thing - a payment gateway. 


zCon Chatbot Framework Accelerates Your Customer Support

Chatbots are a boon to customer service-driven businesses. At zCon we have developed a framework that can help you easily deploy and run a chatbot. Compared to the 100% time required to create a business specific-chatbot, our framework can do it for you with 60% less time and effort. What is a Chatbot? A chatbot… Continue reading zCon Chatbot Framework Accelerates Your Customer Support


Start DevOps with CircleCI – Stepwise Guide

CircleCI is a CICD tool, that is, Continuous Integration - Continuous Deployment tool. It speeds up the deployment process by making it automated. One can execute complex workflows efficiently and quickly with sophisticated caching, Docker layer caching, resource classes for running on faster machines, and performance pricing.


Blockchain Technology

Evolution of Blockchain and transformations that the world will see using the Blockchain What is Blockchain? The Blockchain is a technology that enables transact two people across the globe without any trusted third-party. Disadvantages of a trusted third party- Bitcoin was invented in 2009 and the world saw the global financial crisis in 2008. The… Continue reading Blockchain Technology

Health Care

Replacing SSL certificates in Mirth [EC-2 Linux system]

Before you start Before starting to set up or replace the SSL / TLS certificate in mirth, you will need to understand the existing setup of mirth and important path, filenames on linux system, which get installed during the Mirth setup.    The default SSL certificate path of mirth on linux system is - /opt/mirthconnect/apps/… Continue reading Replacing SSL certificates in Mirth [EC-2 Linux system]