Captive Center: A Strategy to Tide Over the Crisis

Captive CenterAn offshore captive center may have just gone from “good to have” to “critical to survive” in these times. A “managed captive center”  gives you the best of two worlds: cost cutting while retaining control, in the long term.

Since 2000, zCon has been providing a Managed Captive Center service for many clients around the world. The experience has helped develop both the skillset and mindset to help you transition a part of your operations seamlessly and reliably to another office on another continent.

Once you have decided to transition, our well-designed  “workbook approach” jump starts the operation.

zCon’s Plug and Play Infrastructure

The “plug and play infrastructure” feature in our service makes it a quick start. The three key elements: space, IT infrastructure, and talent come bundled as a white-labelled package under our managed captive center service.  You can customize it almost immediately and create your center.

Captive Center Setup Basics

Captive center requirements that we can provision almost immediately are:

  1. A secure physical infrastructure in terms of operating space that is isolated and secured for you. We have modular spaces in zCon premises that we can quickly dedicate and secure for you with access and ID cards, with exclusive access to your staff only.
  2. IT infrastructure as per your specs and secure and configurable internet and network connectivity as per your needs, by our IT team.

Your independent unit can be up and running in the shortest possible time, backed by our operational platform which is very efficient and tried and tested.


Accelerated Hiring

As a next step, we offer accelerated hiring for you with our recruitment engine. With access to a large talent pool that we tap into, we can procure the right talent quickly. The HR and hiring processes, ND agreements and legal requirements are taken care of by us, after you interview and select the candidates. We can also tap into our existing pool of people and assign them exclusively for you.

The ramp up is one of the fastest you will experience.

Benefits of Captive Centers

The captive center is remotely controlled by you in all aspects and becomes an integrated part of your operations, leading to increased capacity at low investment cost.

  • An increased resource capacity can be used for various purposes:
    • Round-the- clock monitoring operations
    • Production support and maintenance
    • Meeting aggressive deadlines in development project
  • The increased capacity comes to you at a reasonable cost. You get access to the cost-effective talent pool in India, for the same skill sets, while maintaining quality.
  • Day to day infrastructure, operating, and hiring costs are shared between various units of zCon and get lowered.
  • You get ready access to the rich experience that zCon has garnered over the years.
  • Risk associated with different work cultures is handled by zCon.

The employees share your company’s vision and are aligned to your goals, plans and KPIs. You gain representation offshore, all the while having ownership of the resources, setup, and operations. Dedicated resources work long term on your projects, thus building valuable domain and business expertise over a period, and become experts.

Why zCon Captive?

  • Our offering is comprehensive and well thought out, backed by experience.
  • We offer engagement under various models.
  • We have well defined and established process to move towards an optimized captive center.



  • Comprehensive and well thought out process at each stage along with ample documentation and artifacts.
statutory1 statutory2 statutory3 statutory4 statutory5
  • Our on-boarding and training processes are well-designed. We impart domain skills, product skills, technical skills, as well as training on communication protocols and escalation, compliance and legal and time tracking.


  • Our pricing models are flexible and customizable.


  • We offer various change management methods based on your engagement with us.
  • The zCon leadership team with extensive experience actively oversees and guides the engagement.
  • Our approach is tried and tested, well perfected, keeping in mind all your needs.

zCon has run captive centers for various clients in multiple domains for over a decade. We have been a trustworthy, longstanding partner to over a 100 satisfied clients who rely on us.

If you need added capacity in India via a captive center, get in touch with us at We would love to hear from you.

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