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Lessons from 2020

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The year 2020 has been challenging for us on multiple levels. Whether it is on an individual level, organisational level, or even as a society, everyone has faced a challenge that they never had to before.

Individuals and families have had to face the loss of loved ones. There is a global environment of anxiety and fear. The effect of isolation has added to this feeling. Similarly, the impact on individuals has been reflected in organisations, and they are facing their challenges. There has been a change in the style of functioning and a shift towards an online mode of functioning.

While a long-term solution is not exactly in our hands, there is undoubtedly a lot we can do. When it comes to mitigating the impact on individuals around us, simple acts of kindness and consideration can go a long way, best reflected in what is an essentially a human quality, empathy. It is also an excellent opportunity to build an organisational culture that reflects values like empathy. A culture of empathy is not just influential right now but will yield fruits over more extended periods too.

Similarly, technology is likely to play a more and more critical role now, and in the years to come. The most significant change we see right now is in terms of remote working. COVID-19 has shown us that it is possible to accomplish as much as we used to without meeting that often. Various tools of remote work and collaboration have established a foothold that is likely to strengthen in the future.

Technology has been proving to be very useful in other ways too. Online shopping managed digitally, with robot deliveries that have started in some places are only likely to increase in the future. Telemedicine is growing and is expected to continue this growth. Enforced remote contact has also led to a lot of creativity, with everything from schools to Yoga classes to entertainment platforms seeing an online shift.

There are many such avenues for technology to continue making an impact. The long-term effects of COVID-19 are yet to be seen. We cannot be sure of the precise role that technology will play in the transformation of society in the future, but we can be sure that the impact we are seeing is here to stay.

It is time for us to adapt to the role of technology and the proliferation of online platforms for many things that we were used to doing in-person. This adaptability will help us to make sense of the new normal.

As we prepare to enter the new year, here are five qualities that would be helpful to develop for a better 2021:
1) Adaptability
2) Resilience
3) Empathy
4) Kindness
5) Openness

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