Helping Customers Deal with COVID-19

We are hand in hand with our customers all over the globe in responding to the COVID-19 challenge.

The whole world is trying to come up with a response to the unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19. Many of our customers needed a rapid response to COVID-19, especially in the Healthcare domain, where we specialize.

At zCon, it was a time-bound challenge for us, while facing the same challenges ourselves. Different industries are impacted in different ways and we provided support to meet their challenges.

Many zCon customers in the USA are part of the healthcare system, and they had to rapidly modify their systems in order to cope. To that end, we are helping them respond by adding various features in their existing systems and applications that can deal with COVID-19: for example, new forms in existing patient records systems, adding new flows and features to an existing system to accommodate changes related to COVID-19 response. Our extensive experience in Healthcare helped us deliver in time.


Customer in Healthcare

They needed COVID-19 assessment, tele-medicine, and insurance related changes.

Time Taken: 12 Hours

Our client had a secure, cloud-based, EHR system that makes writing notes, managing patients and creating and sending superbills easy.

Changes made for COVID-19:

  • Included a Covid-19 Assessment section in the patient assessment form.
  • Remote consult by integrating with a tele-medicine application. Using this, providers can check patients via video conference, and by sharing medical images securely.
  • Updated code database to include COVID-19 ICD Codes.
  • Updated payment and insurance details specific to COVID-19 as per the latest guidelines from CDC.

Customer in Logistics and Warehousing

They needed a new shipping workflow meeting safety standards, signature upload by camera & new messaging

Time Taken: 3 Days

Our client provides a self-storage with full-service storage solution. They organize, pack, store, and transport as needed and had a warehouse management system (WMS).

Changes made:

  • Information added in outgoing emails
    • Added general precautions to be taken during COVID-19 epidemic, such as, hand washing and social distancing.
    • Added information about additional precautions taken by the client’s team to ensure the safety for everybody.
  • New Pick Pack Ship to Destination
    • A new customer handled COVID-19 relief material, such as test kits, medical gloves, N-95 masks, and alcohol wipes.
      • The existing shipping sales order functionality was not suitable for this client because it involves multiple steps like staging, verification, and shipping.
      • To handle this, we added a new screen, based on the box concept, where you can scan box barcode, box size, and warehouse location
      • Warehouse workers can directly add items to a box and ship-to destination.
  • Signature upload by camera
    • A new button was added, using which the delivery team can take a photo of the customer’s signature on a Tablet, ensuring no contact.

This functionality was developed in a short period and is now live on production.


Customer in Property Management and Real Estate

They needed a way to respond automatically to tenants who were facing COVID-19 related rent issues.

Time Taken: 3 Hours

This is an Australia-based technology startup who has built a property management application. We had to modify their system to cater to COVID-19 and add a new Bot workflow:

The Australian Government has provided a relief clause to tenants on paying rent in this period, and we made changes to handle this. Tenants can convey their problems via a new Bot, and their property manager will know which tenants are facing this problem.

Sample BOT messages are along these lines:

  • I am not paying my rent anymore and you can’t do anything about it
  • I have lost my income due to COVID-19/Coronavirus/pandemic.
  • I want to negotiate with my landlord.
  • The landlord has to give me rent relief.
  • I have been laid off and want rent relief.

All industry sectors are facing challenged and we are equally responsive to all our customers, to keep their business going.

We would be glad to talk if you need a consultation.


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