Business as Usual in the Face of COVID-19

The Corona pandemic has made travel risky. Governments are advising people to avoid gatherings. All kinds of institutions and people are paralyzed. Everyone is badly affected: from schools, airports, clinics, and shopping malls to small businesses.

Businesses and workplaces rely on people meeting and interacting. Conversations are key to transactions.

How do you keep up the critical conversations between your folks going at this time? And make it business as usual?

The only option is to connect virtually and  talk remotely.

Almost overnight, businesses, big and small,  have had to use digital options to connect and conduct business.

For example:

  • Many offices are already using cloud- based communication platforms like Google Hangouts, Teamviewer, GotoMeeting, Zoom meetings to interact and work remotely.
  • In Hong Kong, schools are running entire virtual classrooms using GSuite for Education.

Such solutions will require you to buy a subscription or license to such services, which can be prohibitively expensive.


So, the other, more affordable option is to add more communication options, like video calling and conference capabilities to your existing apps and websites.

  • Shopping malls and estate agents can modify their websites and apps to create new interfaces to display merchandise or homes for shoppers using the Twilio APIs.
  • Schools that already have school management software suites or student portals can add virtual classrooms to conduct classes as per schedule.
  • Medical apps can add real-time video to enable remote consults, with something like Twilio Programmable Video.

Quick-to-integrate and pay-as-you-go tools like Twilio will make it easy to add communication channels to your online presence and help you combat the Corona threat.

We can help make this connection happen quickly. Contact sales@zconsolutions.com.

For our case study using Twilio read, Exploring a Prototype for Super Connected Customers.

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